Three Dimensional Design
ART 104 Section 30
Spring 2013
Project 4 

 Bridge project

Your next project will be to construct a bridge that can hold as much weight as possible. We will have a contest during the critique to determine a winner. Your homework is to do your own research on interesting bridge designs. Find out why bridges don't fall down. How many types of bridges are there, and what kinds are strongest? You will be given a small amount of wood sticks  to take home and make a small model of a bridge spanning 6-8 inches, bring it to class on Tuesday the 15th. Also bring sketches and printouts to class to use as a reference for your next sculpture.

Your constructions will be built out of thin strips of wood and glue, which you'll be given in class on the 16th.

You will build a bridge using only wood and glue( you may use string in addition to to the wood and glue). Your bridge must span a 24" gap, be at least 6" tall and and 6" wide, and there must be a place where we can stack or hang weights that are 6" wide. Your goal is to build a bridge that can bear as much weight as possible. Consider strength and beauty when you design your bridge. Your projects will be strength tested during the critique, and the student whose bridge can hold the most weight will win a prize(do be determined).

April 11: Finish critiques of nature project, if any left. Go over bridge project. You will be given a small amount of wood in class to begin making maquette(small model) of full scale bridge. Work out your game plan, figure out how many pieces you think you will need to make your bridge.
April 16: Come to class with glue and a cheap saw if possible & your maquettes in-progress. Start full scale bridge.
April 18: Work in class
April 23: Work in class
April 25: Work in class
Tuesday May 2: Critiques held during final exam time 8:00-10:30am

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