Nature Project

Three Dimensional Design
ART 104 Section 30
Spring 2013
Project 3

Inspired by Nature

For this project you will work exclusively with materials you collect from nature. You assignment is to gather and collect a large quantity of objects, approximately 100 or more, and materials to join those items together into an interesting object. Material suggestions: Palm fronds, driftwood, long grasses, tree pods, branches, rocks, water, or  even food products could be used anything you find interesting that is natural and you can access a lot of.  Try weaving, braiding, sewing, balancing, tying, bending or whatever technique you come up with to make an object out of the materials you choose. At home and during the in-class work day you will try different techniques of arranging or joining your objects together to make one unified form. The sculpture must be at least 4 feet long in any direction. It can be abstract in shape or can be representational of something that exists in real life. Think about the design principles of repetition, balance, color, form, texture, contrast, unity and variety when coming up with an idea. For this project you will have to draw a couple sketches of your ideas before you begin making your piece.

Nothing manmade, No glue, wire, string, etc. unless absolutely necessary and approved by the instructor. You will find that there are many natural materials that you can use to make your work.

Due March 21 Learn about the sculptor Andy Goldsworthy before class. We will watch the movie Rivers and Tides, about his sculptures, in class.
HOMEWORK Begin to gather and experiment with natural materials that you may want to use and bring them to class to look at and discuss. Also start thinking of and drawing your ideas.   

March 26 In class work day, come prepared with ALL of your materials, sketches, and experiments you've already done and begin working .

March 28 In class work day.

April 2  In class work day and begin to finish piece.

April  4 Critique

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