Tape Project

Three Dimensional Design
ART 104
Spring 2013

Project # 1

 Mass, Form and Relationship

Project Goals: Using clear packing tape and plastic wrap, students will be making congregations of forms focusing on the negative space created by the objects once removed. Below are two web sites that explain the production process. Watch them before you consider what objects will work in this project.

1.)  Looking towards our daily surroundings, consider the objects we gather as a culture and the ways we arrange them to create meaning. Choosing several domestic objects the student will create their own scene (arrangement) composed of no less then 5-7 tape objects (depending upon the level of difficulty) to be presented in a thoughtful manner on the date of the critique. Consider going to thrift stores for domestic objects (see list of local thrifts on Blackboard) but keep in mind that the object will be wrapped in plastic and then tape so it will have to be one that will not be damaged by cutting this layer off with a utility knife or scissors after it is completed.

Materials needed to for assignment:


-Your own pair of scissors...available anywhere.
- Packing tape ,these are available at Home Depot or any store that sells packing supplies
-The objects you will wrap…these can come from home or be found in second hand stores or your local big box stores (Target, Walgreens, whatever your budget allows).

The following web sites need to be watched in order to complete the assignment:

Bring to class:

-At least one roll of Tape (masking, clear packing, duct, etc.)
-Objects to experiment wrapping (bring extra to share and swap)


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